Tonight’s Blab: Irwin Schiff & U.S. Political Prisoners, a Blab with Lysander, Kemosabe & Friends

Join us, always a good chat and nice to hang out with like-minded friends. If you want to watch anonymously, no need to login. If you’d like to join in the video or chat box, login to your Twitter account. ICYMI: Last week’s blab topic was “Are You Still Free?” Some interesting points of discussion, find […] … → Read More

Unbroken Irwin Schiff Dies in Prison

It wasn’t the first time Irwin Schiff had been thrown in the slammer by Uncle Sam. But when he reported to start serving a 14 year sentence for “tax crimes” at age 77 he was fairly certain it would be the last. He was right. Irwin was a political prisoner locked up as an example […] … → Read More

IRS Lien and Levy: What You Need to Know

Last night @kemosabe and I talked about IRS lien and levy actions on a twitter blab. If you missed it, click here to watch. And if you have questions about IRS liens and levies, please ask in the comments. I don’t publish the comments so they won’t show up on the site, but I will reply […] … → Read More

FREE IRS Q&A Webinar with Lysander

FREE WEBINAR IRS Questions? Lysander Venible, author of On Your Own In Tax Court, will be available to answer your questions about any IRS administrative or Tax Court issue you have. Tax Law, Tax Court, Non-Filers, Collections, Liens, Levies, Penalties , Hearings, Audits, Notices, Refunds, you name it. Lysander has spent more than a decade […] … → Read More

Conversation with Lysander (20 min.)

Conversations with Lysander cover a wide range of topics having mostly to do with the IRS but might include other liberty topics, like the head of the snake (the Fed), NSA spying, encryption and Bitcoin. IRS topics include: alternatives to U.S. Tax Court, administrative protests, appeals, objections and settlements, the best cases to take to […] … → Read More

Godfrey Bloom: The State is an Institution of Theft

This needs to go viral. Meanwhile, tweet Godfrey @goddersbloom, let him know what you think. … → Read More

Flat Tax vs. Fair Tax

I just got an email from RandPacUSA that says Senator Paul wants to end the IRS (yay!) and replace it with… the Flat Tax? Why not the Fair Tax? Flat Tax vs. Fair Tax It actually seems remotely possible that the IRS is on the way out. Hey, we can dream. Since politicians are going to demand something […] … → Read More

IRS Punishes Tax Honesty Author by Prosecuting His Wife, Doreen Hendrickson

Doreen Hendrickson, wife of Pete Hendrickson, author of Cracking the Code- The Fascinating Truth About Taxation In America has a court hearing set for December 10, 2014, 1:30 pm, 231 W. Lafayette, Detroit 48226, 2nd floor, Victoria Roberts presiding, for sentencing on a contempt of court charge. This is a case of retaliation against Doreen’s […] … → Read More